IOP Initiatives

The Institute of Possibility intentionally plans to create space in its schedule for internal initiatives focused on ideas, causes and communities that hold special importance to our leadership and team. Occasionally these initiatives scale and spin off as OTA did in 2013. Often these projects are temporary like The Pursuit of Happy, Montessori Blueprints, and the Bubble Parade. Almost always these projects involve extraordinary collaborators and creatives


Speak For Good

In the spring of 2017, IOP will launch Speak For Good with the mission of "giving purpose a platform." This initiative will include management of top caliber social good speakers and an inquiry driven interface for matchmaking between speakers with a passion and event planners and organizational programming leaders.

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The State of The Hometown Report

In the fall of 2016, IOP will be releasing its first annual report on the state of our small towns. It will focus on successes and challenges among communities of 50,000 or fewer people and be distributed to mayors, chamber directors, economic and community development professionals and community activists across the country.

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The Brain For Business

The Brain For Business leverages cutting-edge neuroscience research for emerging executives and entrepreneurs who want to be better control their context, minimize the impacts of stress in their work and improve their executive decision making. This project has been developed in collaboration with Justin Smith, PhD.