Senior executives want research that helps them understand their organizations, so they can confidently make smart decisions.

They want to understand customer needs, employee engagement, and their opportunities to innovate.

Often what they receive instead is an overpriced and overly complicated binder of cross-tabs and data.

If you're paying for actionable research, you deserve simple, human insights, straight from the people that matter most to your organization.

With the Institute of Possibility, Hugh Weber brings a researcher’s tireless curiosity and a community organizer’s enthusiasm for engagement to every project. His commitment to including the “voice of the people” as a foundational principle in corporate, nonprofit and community work is genuinely inspiring and ensures that projects have focus on long-term relationships that return benefits for clients well beyond short-term transactions.
— Rod Arnold, Principal, The Frontier Agency; Fmr COO, charity:water


Using world class emergent methods and techniques, we identify and engage key individuals for deep conversations, story discovery, network analysis and mapping, and expanded possibility. We know that the most powerful and engaging insights come from people and their stories, not data and statistics.


Utilizing captured audio, photos, video and organizational artifacts, we share what we've discovered. These creative insights include identified challenges, customer opportunities and space for innovation. This presentation is equal parts research, storytelling, and celebration of your organization's possibility.


With a clear voice from the people who matter most, you can confidently make smart decisions to innovate and grow your organization. You have real insights from real people as you engage marketing and advertising firms. You're empowered with actionable ideas that ensure you won't be wasting time and money executing on outside creative minds and untested hunches. Because you better understand your customers, you are now better prepared to engage them and the new customers that follow.

IOP Works At The Same Pace & Pricing That You Do

You don't have time or money to waste. Neither do we. Because we're small (& based in the Midwest), we can work faster than most firms and at a fraction of the cost. And, when we're done, you have human insights about your organization, not just a high-priced binder.


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You know what you're looking for when you invest in research. The choice you have to make is whether you're comfortable with continuing to wait for yet another overpriced report to put on our shelf or if it's time to explore a different possibility.

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